Joker 8000 Slot

The Joker8000 is a fruit machine with 3 reels and a maximum of five paylines. You can decide for yourself how many paylines you want to play with. The minimum bet is 10 cent per line. You can play with a maximum of 10 euros per spin. This slot offers the freedom how to bet your wins. Some slot machines oblige you to play a bonus game with a certain win, but the Joker 8000 let’s you decide. So you can choose to use your wins for the main game and to not gamble it away with the bonus feature.
Heads or Tails can double your win

Everytime you win on the Joker 8000, you have the option to play the famous heads or tails game to double your win. You can try several times in a row, but ofcourse that also increases the chance you’ll lose your win all at once. So it’s up to you whether you want to take the bet or if you want to use your win to continue playing. If you won coins and you’ve collected enough, you can also continue playing on the fruit machine to win bigger prizes. This option should appear automatically once you’ve earned enough coins.

The Joker 8000 breathes Scandinavian simplicity

The Joker 8000 is Scandinavian made and that’s easy to see. The machine is super simple and pleasant in use. The part that you’re currently playing lights up, so you instantly know where to pay attention to. All spins happen on the same reels and there’s only one play field where you can win prizes. You can try this machine online at several different casino’s. If you want to practice first without betting real money, that’s possible too. This for fun modus some online casino’s offer gives you the opportunity to try out if this game is worth it for you to bet your money on.