Gold Coast fruit machine

Let’s hunt the Gold Coast fruit machine, shall we? One can wonder if ‘gold coast’ is an appropriate name for this slot, because working the gold mines isn’t exactly a job with a sweet reputation. But the Gold Coast slot machine is beautifully put together and offers the players plenty of fun. This game doesn’t just revolve around finding gold, you can also encounter hibiscuses. This plant doesn’t offer a high score, but oh well, sometimes you have to start small! Aside from that you’ll find the familiar BAR symbols that offer extra points.

The Gold Coast Logo is the joker

Like you can expect, the Gold Coast logo functions as joker symbol. It replaces all other symbols to make the winning combination. A winner with 1 logo doubles your win, a winner with two of these logo’s quadruples the amount of coins you won. You can also play this slot in automodus, which means you don’t have to manually spin each time but instead you can just watch the coins roll in. Ofcourse only if you’re lucky, because however you turn it, it’s still gambling. The Gold Coast has five different jackpots. You win the highest jackpot if you spin five Gold Coast logo’s on the fifth line, which results in 6000 coins. But do note that you do have to be playing with five lines at that time! Otherwise you’ll miss out on the win. The other jackpots are also more than worth it and vary from 1000 to 4000 coins.

A basic slot machine without fuss

The Gold Coast, developed by Microgaming, is a slot machine without much fuss. There are no bonus features and there’s no opportunity to double your win. There also isn’t a bonus game to win the jackpot. You play with three reels and five lines. Ofcourse winning the jackpot is the ultimate goal, but also by spinning the right combo’s you can win prizes up to 300 coins with three sevens. You can try out this slot machine online without having to play money at first bet. So you can see whether the Gold Coast is a good fit for your gambling wishes.